God is using John’s success and personal testimony to help others gain a God-focused understanding of stewardship and finances.


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The Simple Steward

He Spends She Spends is the book I wish I had when I made the leap into adulthood.


President, Proverbs 31 Ministries and New York Times Best Selling Author

 It (He Spends She Spends) is practical. It is biblical. It is life changing. I heartily recommend it.


Founder and CEO, Compass - Managing Money God's Way, and Author

You work hard, you make a decent income, and you have extra money at the end of your month. Maybe a lot. You thought it would be easier, but life isn’t feeling very simple. John Piper said it well, “Money is the universal barrier to God.” And if it’s a barrier to God, then it’s a barrier to your potential to become what God had in mind for you. I believe that having money, loving God and living to your full potential can be simpler.  Read more

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Best KIDS Vacation

Last week I wrote about the 7 Steps to Your BEST Vacation Ever! If you follow the steps, you are getting ready to have one of the best vacations in recent memory...but…what happens if you are able to turn those steps into reality, but your kids are still texting,...

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Best Vacation Ever

A 2017 note…this was one of your favorite blog posts from 2016 so I wanted to share it again, with some added thoughts, as we ease into the summer months of 2017. When you open this post, I will be on a much needed and much anticipated vacation, practicing what I...

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Two Widows. One Might.

I want to share a love story of two widows with one common might. One story you know, one story you don’t. One gave two mites. One gave a fortune. Both sadly lost a husband. Both joyfully kept their first love. And both shaped history. The first widow was left very...

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