The Simple Steward

Getting Ready Reveals a Plan Secret

I can give Anne a 30-minute head start and still be dressed and ready to go before she's ready. However, the results may be slightly different. Yes, we both have a plan. I can get ready faster than Anne, but she always, I mean always, looks better than I do. The...

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Love and Money

We all love someone or something, and at the same time, there is always competition for our love.   Some love can be casual, as we would love music or art, but, other love, true love, is covenant in nature, singular in focus, evidenced by its consumption of our heart....

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Choice Number Five -Rewards

Who hasn’t once or twice done something “good”, around others, hoping someone would see you and be impressed and comment about your “goodness”? And then you sit back and bask in the applause and afterglow of a deed well done. I’ve been there - recently - not proud of...

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I had a thriving practice in the financial services industry for 22 years and God got got hold of my heart. During that time I was married to my bride (for 29 years now) and raising three awesome kids! It was fun advising families, entrepreneurs, executives, and private businesses through thoughtful conversations. I enjoyed learning about them and seeing how I could help them create clarity and unity around their respective personal & business planning and life goals. I earned my CFP® (Certified Financial Planner©) designation but I am not practicing. (please see my note…  Read more


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