The Simple Steward

It Can be Hard to Forgive Yourself

I’ve known too many good people who have made a bad financial decision. Not only could they not let it go; it wouldn’t let them go, either! It continued to affect them and their financial confidence. It’s no secret that I’ve made some chucklehead decisions in my day,...

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Fuzzy Finances? Maybe you need an ”I“ EXAM

As each of my kids got older, they each respectively came home from high school one day complaining of headaches. After we determined there was no fever or illness, our next logical thought was…you guessed it…we got them set up for an eye exam. And as expected, their...

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John grew up on a black angus cattle farm in North Carolina, has been married to Anne for 28 years and has three awesome children.

An entrepreneur at heart, John led a thriving practice in the financial services industry for 22 years. He loved advising families, entrepreneurs, executives, and private businesses through thoughtful conversations to create clarity and unity around their respective personal & business planning, life goals and community impact. He has his CFP® (Certified Financial Planner©) designation but is not practicing at this time. Read more


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