The Simple Steward

2 Steps to Crack the Money Code

I have always liked watching sports mainly for one reason. It gives me a good backdrop to have a break and maybe take a nap. I learned that one from my dad. I’m one of five boys, and we grew up on a Black Angus cattle farm. Dad traveled most days of the week, so when...

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Do You Value What God Values?

It is no secret that I’m a Billy Graham fan. I attended a crusade when I was very young and still have the information packet in my office. Recently, I had the rare privilege to speak to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and as a ‘thank you’...

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Beware These Terrible Twins

I’ve had the rare privilege of guiding thousands of individuals and couples in their financial decision-making. We usually went through some similar questions, yet they led to very different outcomes and choices. Interestingly, what caused the variance in the choices...

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John grew up on a black angus cattle farm in North Carolina, has been married to Anne for 28 years and has three awesome children.

An entrepreneur at heart, John led a thriving practice in the financial services industry for 22 years. He loved advising families, entrepreneurs, executives, and private businesses through thoughtful conversations to create clarity and unity around their respective personal & business planning, life goals and community impact. He has his CFP® (Certified Financial Planner©) designation but is not practicing at this time. Read more


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